Criminal Records Expunged

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You’re filling out a job application and come to the part of it that you always dread—have you been convicted of a crime? It may have been years ago but that criminal charge that you faced can affect an individual for years to come. According to the website of the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, many can find that educational, financial, and career opportunities are hindered by their criminal records even if they were found not guilty. Due to this, it may be in an individual’s best interest to have their criminal record expunged or have it non-disclosed.

Expunction and non-disclosure are appropriate in different instances. If an individual is found not guilty or acquitted of a crime, they may be able to have it permanently removed or expunged from their record. If an individual is convicted of a crime, they may be able to have their record sealed or non-disclosed, allowing them to legally not have to disclose their prior conviction on a large number of documents. The assistance of a legal professional may be necessary in having your criminal record expunged or non-disclosed, but the benefits of doing this are countless.

It may be impossible to advance your career or education with a criminal conviction or arrest on your record. Some individuals can even be stifled in their endeavors if they have been found not guilty of a charge due to the stigma placed around a criminal charge. Criminal charges may also have negative financial effects on a person. With a criminal conviction or accusation on their record, many companies will not give loans to an individual. The consequences of this can be endless.

Even years after you’ve completed the necessary punishments of your crime, a criminal conviction can affect an individual’s life negatively and in ways they cannot control. This is why having your record expunged or non-disclosed can change a person’s life for the better and making moving forward in your goals more of a possibility.

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