SR-22 insurance basics in Chicago

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A driver or a vehicle owner in the U.S. may be required by the office of the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to have car liability certificate of insurance called “SR-22 insurance” if they have been involved in various incidents that tarnishes their credibility to operate a vehicle.

Like many other states, drivers in Illinois are required to show some insurance proof in the form of SR-22 if they have committed a series of traffic or car insurance violations. Vehicle drivers whose drivers’ license is either revoked or suspended are required to buy SR-22 insurance. Individuals unfortunately feel helpless and frustrated upon thinking that their driver’s license has been void in the state. According to Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®, a vehicle driver should consider buying SR-22 if they have the following records: DUI convictions, driving a vehicle without insurance, failure to have insurance after an accident and having a minimum of three traffic violations in one year. Individuals getting SR-22 should ask for a quote as prices often vary depending on the individuals’ driving record and they have to pay it in advance. Illinois drivers with SR-22 insurance should understand that they need to show proof of insurance required by the state for a minimum of three years. A driver with SR-22 may be required to carry such coverage for more than three years if he or she has been involved in accidents. On the other hand, drivers with SR-22 may gain the trust of insurance companies and may get regular car insurance if they have not involved in any vehicular accidents or have committed violations while covered by SR-22. Basically, SR-22 is filed by insurance companies to the government department in behalf of the driver. Individuals filing for SR-22 may end up looking for other insurance companies as some insurance carriers do not cover drivers that are considered high-risk. The insurance company often changes the driver’s status to high-risk when he or she applies for SR-22 insurance and that their insurance rates often increase.

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